Joe Maloney, President

Joe is in charge of Business and Field Operations. He has been drawn to building since he was a young child. He has always had a talent for troubleshooting difficult systems. Joe received a degree in Engineering Mathematics with an emphasis in optimization from UC Berkeley. He takes pride in applying his optimization skills at Maloney Fine Building in order to ensure projects are well executed. Prior to attending UC Berkeley, Joe worked as a radar technician in the US Navy. The radar system involved complicated electrical and plumbing systems which started his experience with the trades. Joe continued to build upon these trade skills and eventually started Maloney Fine Building. He is a licensed General Contractor and is an active business and field operations manager ensuring our projects meet the high standards of our clients.

Dhea Maloney, Vice President

Dhea is in charge of Office Operations. She received her Masters in information Management and Systems from UC Berkeley. She spent time working as Project Manager in the Biotech and Healthcare industry. Dhea developed her skills in accounting while handling the office operations for a rental property. She enjoys applying her information management and organizational skills to the office operations at Maloney Fine Building.